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Quick guide: Creating your first study and entering data

Prerequisites for this guide:

Creating your first study

To create your first study login to Teamscope Web and click on "New study"

Next give a name to your study, we will call this one "My first study". Here you can also choose between Teamscope's two study modes: Cross-sectional and Longitudinal. The study mode can be changed at any moment from your study settings.

  • Cross-sectional: This is the ideal mode for any study that will not requiere multiple entries per subject. Cross-sectional mode allows for faster data collection since it does not have case management.
  • Longitudinal: This mode provides you with case management. Choose "Longitudinal" if you will be capturing multiple entries per subject at different moments of time.

After entering a Study name and choosing the Study type, click on Create.

You will now see the name of your study at the top righthand corner, this is also the place where you can switch to other studies you create or are invited to by other users.

Now that you have a study let's add create the first form in this study. Click on Forms on the left menu to go to the Forms page.

You are now in the Form builder, here is where you can create new forms or edit existing ones. We will call this form "First form" and click on + Add another to add a field to this form:

Give your field a name and choose the field type by clicking on the dropdown.

You can now either continue adding more fields or click on Save at the top righthand corner to finalize:

Enter data with Teamscope's mobile app

Now that you have your first form created, let's shift to Teamscope's mobile app to enter data using that form. For this example we will use Teamscope on iOS.

Search for "Teamscope" on App Store (or also on the Google Play Store).

Create a 4-digit passcode. The passcode will be requested every time the app is inactive and it's a security measure to keep sensitive data that you might collect on Teamscope protected.

Login by entering your username and password.

Once you are in the app you will arrive the entries screen. Tap on the plus button to view the forms associated with your study.

So far you have only one form:

Enter data on your first field and tap on Save.

You will see your first form has been saved:

Congratulations! You have created your first form on Teamscope and stored data with it.

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