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Diego Menchaca
Jun 17, 2019

Since 2014, Teamscope has offered researchers across the world a powerful tool for capturing and analysing research data — utilising iOS and Android devices wherever they are and without the need for an internet connection. We aim to make research more efficient, assessable, user-friendly and, ultimately, more rewarding.

Research is creating new knowledge, and we as researchers ourselves, know that unfortunately, not every study gets published or the recognition it deserves. Hundreds of studies take place unseen. While some falter due to finance, other research is limited by a lack of collaboration.

Beyond improving the research process, we at Teamscope are dedicated to enabling collaboration and communication within studies and so are excited to introduce a new feature on our platform: Open Research. Open research is a public database of planned, ongoing and completed studies using Teamscope. This provides an overview of the studies themselves, alongside relevant links, open discussions, and contact to the researchers.

With this, we wish to facilitate collaboration across our users and to make their research efforts visible to the rest of the world.

Every public project gets a public web page:

‍A public page describes the study, who is involved in it and its objectives. You may also embed rich media like videos, posters and links to datasets on Figshare or Mendeley.

Open Research projects with up to 5 users can now enjoy Teamscope for free, forever. To learn about our updated licenses visit our pricing page:

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Questions you might have regarding this platform change:

1. Will people outside of my study be able to see the actual data I have collected?

No. The data you capture with Teamscope will continue to be restricted to our permissions system (i.e. "Manage users" page on Teamscope Web) and the logic that controls user permissions is outside of this new feature.

2. I see that the project page shows who are the researchers behind that study, can I control which of my study members appear there?

Yes. As the owner of your study, you choose which of your study members appear there and all of the information on your project page. You may request at any moment to have the information on your project page updated or removed by sending an email to

3. Can I choose to have my project to be private and not appear on Open Research?

Yes. Studies that have an Enterprise license can choose to be private and not be listed on Open Research.

4. How can I enter or change on my public project page?

This feature for the moment is on a beta phase, and during this early stage, you may provide the information by contacting our help desk ( In the near future, this will be accessible through the study settings on Teamscope Web.

Conducting research can be an immensely difficult, costly and time-consuming task. Communicating research, on the other hand, is essentially easy, simple and fast. However, the transformation of this new knowledge to the public is inherently challenging, with errors in translation and dissemination and confined by a lack of an appropriate platform, a small reach, or 140 characters.

Transparency in clinical research is a pressing issue, and with this platform change, we hope to make research not only of better quality but also more open.

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Diego Menchaca

Diego is the founder and CEO of Teamscope. Follow his journey: @dmenchaca15.

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