Research data collection, made unbelievably easy

Teamscope is a web and mobile app for collecting research data, managing cases and getting real-time reports.

Teamscope is a data collection platform for research teams that need a secure solution to capture and analyse data.

Collect data with your own forms

Manage cases

Bring your team!

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Start by designing your own forms

Build your own forms, choose from 12 field types


Paper forms



Yes/no field




Branching: If Yes show next field


File upload

Select files or drag and drop


GPS location

Latitude, Longitude

Add another field

Arrow connecting paper forms with mobile app

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Then choose from 3 methods of data collection

Electronic Data Capture

Cases are like folders and they help you easily keep track of your subjects.

Perfect for:

Clinical research

Community outreach

Social impact evaluation

Mobile data collection

Use the mobile app to send reminders and collect entries offline.

Ideal for:



Time to complete a form ⏰

Don’t forget to log your daily data.

Mobile data collection

Use the mobile app to send reminders and collect entries offline.

Ideal for:

Offline and GPS data collection

Daily diary studies

Experience sampling method

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Time to complete a form ⏰

Don’t forget to log your daily data.

Online survey

Share your forms with a public link and quickly collect responses.

Made for:

Patient-intake form

Customer satisfaction

Opinion polls

Health Survey

Short quality of life questionnaire

In general, would you say your health is:

This is a field description


Very good




The following questions are about activities and how your health now limit you in these activities.

Climbing several flights of stairs

This is a field description

Very difficult

Somewhat difficult

Try this form

Try this form

You’re in good company

Trusted by leading researchers

Using Teamscope has been a game changer for me. It has turned the difficult and stressful process of data collection in the field (and being paramedics - a challenging and often chaotic field at that) into a painless process.

Aidan Baron

Paramedic Researcher

Aidan Baron's profile picture

I'm excited to be using Teamscope for data collection within the PRIDE Study. Teamscope makes Electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePRO) incredibly easy as an alternative to paper forms or email surveys.

Marleen van Gelder, PhD

Assistant Professor

Marleen van Gelder's profile picture

With Teamscope’s platform and attentive and insightful support, we have been able to simplify and streamline both our data collection and analysis.

Rikard Vinge

Development engineer

Rikard Vinge's profile picture

Frequently asked questions

Where is the data stored and how secure is Teamscope?

We take data security very seriously. Data is stored in a secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) facility in Frankfurt, Germany. Teamscope is fully compliant with HIPAA, GDPR and Good Clinical Practice (ICH-GCP). More information on our data security can be found here.

Our research does not involve sensitive data collection, can we still use Teamscope?

Yes, although the majority of the data collected on Teamscope is medical you can design your forms to collect any type of information.

Do you provide technical support?

Yes, everything from helping you build your forms to custom integrations. You may reach our technical support via email, we respond within 24 hours on weekdays, with average time of 6 hours.