The right tools to unlock the Flow of Data

Simple, minimal, and easy-to-use. Like every Electronic Data Capture (EDC) platform should be.

Drag and drop Interface

Use the mobile form builder to build your own eCRFs, without any programming knowledge needed. Choose among a dozen different field types.

Enable conditions to incorporate branching logic and data validation. You can even go a step further and customize the background and font color of your fields to improve adherence from your researcher.

Learn how to build forms 
A desktop screenshot of Teamscope's form builder
Illustration of data being synchronized to Teamscope from Xforms and Csv

Quickly import your data and eCRFs (coming soon)

Moving from another Electronic Data Capture (EDC) to Teamscope is quick and easy.

Use our Importer to upload to the platform your eCRFs and migrate research data that you have collected with other EDCs.

Make data actionable.

We believe our platform should be a sufficiently flexible sandbox and you should be allowed to customize it to simplify your field or clinical research. 

Easily automate calculations on Teamscope to assign treatments or scores to patients. Deliver push notifications to your researchers depending on events you define, such as a particular treatment was prescribed to a patient or a value matching criteria.

Illustration of a short medical algorithm

Whether you are conducting a clinical trial at a hospital or examining patients in a remote village, our applications allow you to work wherever you need. Our mobile apps are offline-friendly which means data can be stored without the need for internet and synchronized once you gain a connection.

You can download Teamscope on your iPhone, iPad and Android device or login with our Web app (beta).

Learn Teamscope's offline forms work  Screenshot of a completed clinical form on a smartphone and tablet

Keep your team in flow.

On Teamscope you can define fully customizable events, for example, "patient matching risk criteria.". Whenever an event is triggered, you can instruct the platform to send a notification with a custom message to specific researchers within your team.

A screenshot of a mobile notification that says "Patient requieres referral to central hospital"

Longitudinal research

The workflow of longitudinal research is different that cross-sectional, which is why at Teamscope we give you a different interface depending on the study type you choose.

Selecting longitudinal studies when creating a project enables case management. Longitudinal investigations allow you to generate new study subjects, attach entries to them and visualize as they are moving through your study or trial pipeline.
For cross-sectional studies, we let you create entries without needing to create or attach them to a case, resulting in faster data gathering.

Learn about case management
Screenshot of study cases moving along different stages: 1. Informed consent, 2. Demographics, 3. Lab exams, 4. Followup, and lastly 5. Final checkup
A screenshot of a user uploading a caseA screenshot of a user uploading a caseA screenshot of a user uploading a case

Collaborate in real-time

Whenever a team member creates a new patient, adds a data entry or modifies previously stored record, that change synchronizes for everyone.

On the fly data sync allows multiple research sites to collaborate in real-time and assure everyone is updated and on the same page.


Research is a collaborative effort.

Desktop screenshot of user permissions being assigned and managed.

Team management

As your team scales, you want to make sure you are using the best practices for controlling access to your study.

We've built an entirely customizable permissions manager that allows you to give pre-defined functions such as View All, Add Entry or Export to individual users or groups that you create.

Learn how to invite users

Ensure Data Accuracy with Query Management

Screenshot of data inputs being validated on the mobile app

Assure data is valid.

Achieving clean data is only possible if it's collected according to your study design.

With Teamscope you specify data format, ranges, and requirements. An error message is displayed when the data entered is out of range or invalid, warning alerts are shown when a required field is left empty.

Quickly resolve data inconsistencies.

Keeping track and managing queries for your clinical and field research has never been easier.

From our web application's query manager your team can resolve data inconsistencies and followup on those that are still open.

PENDING Learn about query management
Screeshot of data queries

Keep your Data Secure

GDPR, HIPAA & GCP Compliant

Teamscope is fully compliant with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and FDA 21 CFR Part 11. If you are a researcher storing data of participants in the United States, you may request a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). Learn more here.

GDPR compliant badgeLogo of HIPAALogo of the International Confederation of Harmonization
Screenshot of Audit Trails

Track data changes.

Maintain full accountability for your team. Track data creation, edits and reason for changes. Export at any moment a CSV file of all data modifications.

PENDING Learn about audit trails

Passcode screen lock

Keep sensitive data protected with Teamscope's Passcode lock screen. To unlock the app user's are required a 4 digit code.

Learn about our Android & iOS app  PENDING Learn about data encyrption
App screen where the user is requiered a 4 digit passcode to unlock the app.
Illustration of a computer server, protected by a blue shield.

Data Encryption & Backups

Your data is stored on secure servers in Frankfurt, Germany and hosted by Amazon Web Services. Data-at-rest is encrypted using 256-AES and data-in-transit is communicated using TLS 1.2. Every day all data is backups on redundant servers.

PENDING Learn about data encyrption

Real-time Data Analytics

Build visually rich graphs

Use our web application to generate graphs and monitor them over time. These visuals can be exported at any moment to PDF, JPEG, and PNG so you can use them in publications or presentations.

The current graphs you can create with Teamscope are line, bar, and pie. More graph types are soon to come.

Learn how to build graphs Learn how to build graphs
Screenshot of a line graph and a pie graph displaying research data
Screenshot of heart rate data being statistically analyzed, for example Minimum, Maximum, Mean and Variance.

Get real-time statistical analysis

Generating statistical analysis can be achieved with a just few clicks. Just select the field which you wish to be analyzed, and our platform takes care of the rest.

We currently support basic statistical methods (Mean, Standard Deviation, and Variance, etc.) but we would love to hear from you what other means we should add next.

Learn how analyze data

Take your data with you.

We understand that the final data analysis will always occur on other platforms which is why you can easily export your data at any moment with a few clicks from our web application. We currently support TSV and Excel. SPSS and Stata are soon to come.

Icon of a SPSS fileIcon of an Exce fileIcon of a STATA fileIcon of a CSV file
Learn how to export data