Nowadays, 30 years is not old. In science, however, 30 years can be ten lifetimes. Everyday research expands our horizon of knowledge, and technology is paving the way to visualising patterns through data. Modern techniques and practices are becoming more productive, more reliable, and ultimately safer. We are in the middle of a technological revolution!

This innovation is continuously adapted and translated. To be used in every industry and spilling over onto everyday devices, such as mobile phones. Modern smartphones and tablets are now capable of so much more. They have become a promising, viable and platform for mobile data collection. Capturing images, data, or measurements electronically opens up the door to more straightforward, shareable, reliable data collection.

This guide aims to open up and clarify the potential of mobile data collection (MDC). Specifically, how and why to use these MDC apps, how to convert from paper-based forms, the best practices for offline data collection, query management and lastly the power of real-time analytics. 

Who is this guide for?

This guide is for academic researchers, humanitarian workers, NGOs and commercial organizations that are interested in implementing secure, scalable, and effective data collection. While this knowledge is optimal for use with the Teamscope app, the concepts and benefits of using mobile data collection are widely applicable.

Ready to get started?
Chapter 1: 7 Mobile Data Collection Apps for Field Research.
Chapter 2: How to Convert your Paper Form into a Mobile App
Chapter 3: How to Capture Data When Offline or Without Internet Connection
Chapter 4: How to keep Sensitive Data Secure when using Mobile Forms
Chapter 5: What is Query Management and how does it ensure Data Accuracy
Chapter 6: How to Visualize Field Data collected with Mobile Forms