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Capture better data with Reminders.

Teamscope's reminding system allows you to schedule push notifications and help your participants never forget when to complete forms.

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Rolling reminders

Repeating reminders are based on a defined interval. For example, you can send your participants a notification to compete a weekly form for period of two months. Notifications are always received based on the user's timezone.

Calendar-based reminders

You may choose to send all of your participants a notification based on a set date. All participants will receive the notification on that defined date and time. Calendar-based reminders are by default one-off reminders.

Widget to create a number field
Widget to create a number field

Create custom messages

Each notification can have a custom text that your participants will see. Custom messages can make the notification be more personal and may include emojis and be in any language.

Build Escalated Workflows

Combina reminders to create escalated and goal-based workflows. Until the user does not complete the form, the app will trigger the subsequent reminders.
For cross-sectional studies, we let you create entries without needing to create or attach them to a case, resulting in faster data gathering.

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Give your participants total control

By using the notification center on the mobile app user's can see what notifications are scheduled and change the time they will be reminded to complete a form.