About Teamscope


To enable life-changing research, wherever it's needed.

The Beginning
Teamscope started in Chile when three friends came together to help medical researchers better manage their patient data. We wanted to eliminate the chaos caused by paper forms and to enable health professionals to do more and better research. We chose to solve that problem with software that is nice to look at and easy to use.
Portrait in black and white of Diego Menchaca

Diego Menchaca


Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Portrait of Rodolfo Palma

Rodolfo Palma


Santiago, Chile

Portrait of Christian König

Parag Pawar

Mobile lead

Pune, India

Portrait of Shahroz Khan

Shahroz Khan

Android Developer

Lahore, Pakistan

Portrait of Tiago Beck

Tiago Beck

Content Specialist

Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Portrait of Breena Taira

Breena Taira, MD.


Los Angeles, California

Our Values

Empathy guides our way.

The easiest way to help our users is put ourselves in their shoes and to build something that before anything else: is simple and easy to use. When help is needed we go all in.

Specific and clear communication.

Proper communication etiquette makes us work more efficiently, get work done faster and build long-lasting relationships with our users. Too much time can be lost in a message which is lost in interpretation, on the contrary, fluid collaboration requires accurate language.

Ownership of results.

The ball is always in our court; we own our work and the results of our team. Our achievements are the results of what we can do as a team, and there is no limit to how far we can strive for our ambitions.

Good humor is our secret sauce.

Humor is what tickles our neurons and gets them fired up and ready for grand challenges. We think that people should feel free to be themselves, bring to work their good and bad jokes and feel relaxed and comfortable.

Our investors
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