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How to export data

Prerequisites for this guide:

How to Export Data

To access the export functionality, go to Teamscope Web, login and click on Export Data from the left menu:

Export files

Data on Teamscope can be export to CSV, TSV and Excel. Each form you create on Teamscope generates a single file. The export file includes a table with one entry per line and each field, or form question, on a separate column.

Choice fields

Choice fields on Teamscope are used for fields with limited options, for example 'What is your blood type?'. Each option on a choice field is made up of a label (e.g. A, B, AB or O) and a coded value (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4).

When exporting data you can choose for the output table to display the labels of choice fields or their respective coded values. Choosing coded values will generate columns per each choice and display a 1 or a 0 if the choice was selected or not, respectively.

Additional data

The first columns on the export data correspond to automatic fields that that the Teamscope platform generates to facilitate your analysis:

  • Identifier: Unique ID of an entry
  • Responder: Name of the user that created that entry
  • Case Identifier: On Longitudinal studies, entries can be associated to a case. The case identifier is a unique ID the platform generates for ID.
  • Case label: User generated label for that case.
  • Creation: Timestamp when the entry was created.

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