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How to capture data offline and later upload it

Prerequisites for this guide:

How to capture data without an internet connection

Teamscope allows you to capture data without an internet connection and upload it our secure servers once your mobile device gains a connection.

Your device must have an internet connection for you to login and download your forms, after that you may complete forms irrespective of your network speed or availability.

Once you download and login to Teamscope's iOS or Android app you forms will automatically be stored on that device. You can now turn off your phones internet connection by setting the airplane mode on and see how the offline feature works:

Despite your smartphone or tablet not having an internet connection you can still access your forms by tapping on the plus button:

And entering data as usual. Once you are done tap on Save:

When you save a form the mobile app tries to immediately synchronize that data with the server. If the internet connection is too slow or is unavailable that request fails and you will see a cloud icon by your avatar. The cloud indicates that the entry is only saved locally on the memory of that device. To upload that offline entry to the server tap on the cloud icon.

Limitations of working offline

There are important considerations you must have in mind when working offline. For example, data that is not yet uploaded will be lost if a mobile device is damaged or stolen. To learn about the different limitations you must keep in mind to guarantee you have successful data operations please see this section from our Ultimate Guide to Mobile Data Collection.

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