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Archiving and deleting data

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Diego Menchaca
Apr 6, 2021

On Teamscope, you have always been able to make edits to your data after saving an entry. Unfortunately, though, until today you couldn’t completely delete it.

That limitation disappears today 🙌 with the possibility of archiving data and permanently deleting it from our servers.

Archiving entries and cases

You may now archive and unarchive cases and entries from the web dashboard. 

When you archive data, it will not appear in your data export nor Analytics. 

Additionally, just like data edits, when data is archived, the change is reflected in the Activity log.

Who can archive data in a study?

Anyone with access: If you have access to an entry or case, even if another person in your team created it, you may archive and restore it. 

Deleting data permanently

The data you collect on Teamscope belongs to you and your team. You own it. Period.

For this reason, you may decide if it’s deleted permanently from our servers.

There is no undo or thinking period when deleting data. It happens immediately and from all backups that we keep. 

To delete data, you first move it to Archive, and from there, you may delete it permanently. The following confirmation dialogue will come up:

Who can delete data in a study?

  1. The creator: The person that creates an entry or case can delete it permanently. 
  2. Study admin: Anyone with “Manage study” permissions can delete data permanently. 

What’s next: File upload 📎

In our next 3-week development cycle, we will be implementing file upload in our forms.

When collecting data, you may need to upload files—for example, an X-ray image or a video that you record with your smartphone.

With this new feature, you may add a file upload field to your forms and upload files.

Got a feature idea? We love to hear from you and get any thoughts on how to improve Teamscope. 

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Diego Menchaca

Diego is the founder and CEO of Teamscope. He started Teamscope from a scribble on a table. It instantly became his passion project and a vehicle into the unknown. Diego is originally from Chile and lives in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

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