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Public forms: a new way of collecting data

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Diego Menchaca
Mar 10, 2021

Your forms on Teamscope just got way more powerful with a new feature: public forms.

On Teamscope, you have always been able to build fully custom data collection forms. Unfortunately, to view them and collect data, you needed to have a user account. 

In some situations, like conducting online surveys or working with the elderly population, requiring a participant to create an account was certainly a barrier.

That limitation disappears today with a new way of collecting data on Teamscope.

Meet public forms

You can now share any of your forms on Teamscope as a public form. When enabled, anyone that uses the link can complete the form without needing a user account.

To enable this feature, go to the form builder and switch on “Share to web”. 

Here is an example:

You may also embed your forms in websites or blog posts:

Assigning entries to cases

Cases are used on Teamscope to group entries and make longitudinal data collection easier. A case on Teamscope can be a person or any entity that you need to keep track of across time.

When collecting data with a public form, those entries will appear anonymous and not have a case associated with them. 

By going to data on the web dashboard, you may now assign anonymous entries to any case. 

Workflow example

Mary is a participant in a clinical study. Before she is enrolled, Mary completes a public form where she fills in her contact information and checks if she qualifies for the study.

Mary’s data entry is via a public form which means that it won’t have a case associated with it in your database.

After enrolling on the study, you create a case for Mary called “Mary Doe”. Since Mary now does have a case in your database, you can move the original entry from the public form under her case. Viola! Now all of the data from Mary is nicely organised under her case.

Growing into an all-in-one data collection solution

Our mission is to enable life-changing research wherever it’s needed. 

The new public forms are a step in the right direction of giving you the freedom to use your forms on Teamscope wherever you need them. When we say wherever you need it, we mean it seriously.

We are solidifying our proposition of being an all-in-one data collection solution for researchers with this new milestone. As a researcher can now use the same form on Teamscope for:

  • Case management
  • Mobile data collection
  • Online surveys

This wasn’t in the plan early on. I started Teamscope to make research data collection from an iPhone or Android device as easy and straightforward as it could. 

Designing software for small screens demands that we embrace the philosophy of “less is more” and “addition by subtraction”. Eventually, last year, we felt it was the right time to scale our solution, primarily an Android and iOS app to desktop screens. 

This new chapter in our product roadmap is exhilarating, and we can’t wait to see where you take Teamscope with you.

What’s next: Archive, restore and delete permanently.

In our next 3-week development cycle, we will be implementing archiving, restoring and deleting data permanently.

When doing data collection, you will want to test your forms before you go live and ensure that everything is working correctly. During that testing time, you will end up with dummy data in your database and that you will want out of your way once live data collection starts.

With this new feature, you will be able to archive data, restore it if you or anyone in your team archived it by mistake, and permanently delete it.

Got a feature idea? We love to hear from you ( and get any thoughts on how to improve Teamscope. 

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Diego Menchaca

Diego is the founder and CEO of Teamscope. He started Teamscope from a scribble on a table. It instantly became his passion project and a vehicle into the unknown. Diego is originally from Chile and lives in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

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