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Upload images, videos and files 📎

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Diego Menchaca
May 7, 2021

Some years back, we implemented a version of image upload on our mobile app that wasn't smooth as we wanted. We decided then that it was best to bring that feature down. It hurt to remove it, but we knew that eventually, we would get the chance to do file upload right again.

Now we got that chance. File upload on our forms now works amazingly smooth, both online and offline, and we can't wait for you to try it out.

This milestone is a testament to the speed and quality that our product teamwork has achieved. In just four weeks, we implemented file upload across all our platforms: web, Android and iOS. 

Kudos to our engineers Parag and Rodolfo. I'm lucky to work with you.

Upload images, videos and files

To start using file upload, go to the web dashboard, edit the design of a form and choose "File upload" from the file type dropdown.

Then open that form to enter data, and voila✨: you have a field to drag and drop files or select from your computer:

When using the Teamscope iOS or Android app, you can choose to use your device's camera to take a picture, record a video or select from the device's gallery. 

Configure size, extension and amount of files

By default, a file upload field has no limit on its size, extension, or amount of files that you upload per field.

You can set limits to those parameters, though, depending on your need.

You may restrict the extension only to allow a specific type of files. Perhaps you only want your team members to upload PDFs or images. 

Although you can upload huge files, you will be billed based on your total storage. For this reason, you may limit the file size and amount of files that your team members or participants can upload.

For more information on our updated prices, please visit our pricing page:

Attach files while offline

Working offline can be mission-critical when doing research in remote areas or inside a hospital with unstable internet.

For this reason, while you are offline, you can still attach images or videos to your forms. 

The next time you get an internet connection, the app automatically syncs any offline files with the server. 

What's next: Billing management 💳

In our next 3-week development cycle, we will be implementing better billing management.

At the moment, for you to cancel your subscription or upgrade your plan, you need to reach out to our support. We usually answer within a few hours, but still, you should manage your billing without us in the way.

With this new feature, you will be able to stop your Teamscope subscription, upgrade and change your credit card directly from the web dashboard.

Got a feature idea? We love to hear from you and get any thoughts on how to improve Teamscope.

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Diego Menchaca

Diego is the founder and CEO of Teamscope. He started Teamscope from a scribble on a table. It instantly became his passion project and a vehicle into the unknown. Diego is originally from Chile and lives in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

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